Decorating with Houseplants: Brings Nature's Beauty Indoors

decorating with plant

Decorating with houseplants has a lot of good natural benefits. It is a great way to add life to your home while combating indoor pollution.

You can save money decorating with foliage and flowers to add color and interest to a dull room.

It is really a cost-effective way add style and beauty without the expense and commitment of painting!

Always choose plants that are compatible with the indoor environment and have the same cultural needs.

The available light you have must be considered when selecting plants because some of them need plenty of natural sunlight. Others will do all right as long as the light is ample.

Insufficient light can be supplemented with artificial lighting. Low maintenance easy-care plants would be a great choice; they are hardy and adaptable to the indoors conditions.

Easy-Care Plants: Areca palm, Boston fern, cast iron plant, Chinese evergreen, corn plant, peace lilies, philodendrons, snake plants, dracaenas, bamboo palms, and English ivy are good air cleaners. Flowering African, violets, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies are good air cleaners also.

Assortment of foliage plants in different
shapes and sizes for home decor

Good Decorating with Houseplants

1. Choose your plants carefully. Make sure they have an open look rather than the thick bushy houseplant with leaves closely packed toward the center. In this way the plant will get enough light and avoid leaf drop. Your plants should have bright colored foliage with strong stems and show no signs of wilting.

2. Avoid plants that have roots coming out the drainage hole. The plant is stressed with dried out roots.

3. Always inspect plants to make sure they are free of pests before you bring them home.

4. Select plants with colors that will look good with other colors that you already have in your home when decorating with houseplants. You can make a powerful impact by using colorful, vibrant foliage plants such as coleus and crotons mixed with green-only plants to make an enchanting display.

How to Display Your Plants:

Use decorative cashepots to make the display more spectacular. Cashepots do not have drainage holes and are used to hold smaller unattractive pots that have drainage holes. The terra-cotta pot and the white ceramic pot complement almost any plant color or decorating style.

An attractive dish garden is a wonderful way to display an arrangement of plants that have similar soil, lighting and water needs.  Small cacti and succulents are slow-growing and sculptural.  They make beautiful enchanting designs to enhance your decor.

You can create a beautiful focal point in an entranceway to welcome guests, and you can conceal problem areas problem areas that you don't want your guest to see, all while adding more beauty and color to your room.

Mass plants together in different sizes, heights, textures, and colors along with hanging baskets to make the focal point. You can also add a water fountain; the plants will love the humidity.

Use large plants to serve as a room divider or a natural screen for large open windows. You can use hanging plants that cascade and trail downward to replace curtains on some windows--it's a good way to block an unattractive view. Just make sure your plants can endure some dryness. The grape-leaf ivy is the perfect plant for this.

Plants gain visual impact when you group them together with gradual changes in height and texture. Display plants that are too short to be seen on plant stands, shelves, pedestals, or tables. You can fill out an awkward space and achieve balance. Tall plants or small trees can be placed in empty corners for a more complete look.

Decorating with houseplants will enhance your decorating style and make your indoor air fresher and more breathable with the removal off toxins plus the added oxygen--thereby making your home a more healthy and pleasant place to live.

Where to Buy Plants

Amazon is a great place to buy indoor houseplants. You can get the same quality indoor plants as you’d find at the nursery with the convenience of having them delivered straight to your door.