Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees are perfect for growing inside, on the patio, or where the space is limited.   Town home residents or apartment dwellers can have their own orchard growing even in the heart of winter.

Although small in size, the produce is full-size and is just as delicious as the regular  fresh harvest.  In addition, these plants are very decorative, easy to grow, and fills the air with a natural, sweet-smelling fragrance...no need to buy it in a can.

The Dwarf Cavendish Banana tree makes a spectacular houseplant which bares one of nature’s most complete fruits. This  beautiful plant  will add a tropical look and feel to your kitchen or sunroom.

Popular Dwarf Fruit Trees to Grow Indoors

Calamondin Orange     Meyer Lemon             Kumquat                   Key Lime

Dwarf Citrus trees such as the calamondin orange, meyer lemon, kumquat and, and the key lime are very popular for growing in the home. The fresh fruit, fragrant blooms and glossy green leaves of these miniature trees are a real pleasure to have indoors especially during the winter.  Meyer's Lemon produces large, sweet lemons almost year round.

These specimen can be purchased at a local nursery or through a catalog. Mail-order trees arrive with roots exposed, all the soil carefully rinsed from the root system. These bare roots must be soaked in water to rehydrate them for a period of time before planting.

Most are hardy and easy to maintain indoors as long as you have a sunny spot to keep them warm during cold temperatures (within 6 feet of a sunny window). Maximum sunlight is the key to your success, so a southern or western window exposure is ideal.

The good thing about dwarf fruit trees is they allow you to move them outside during the warm months. 

Since these kinds of trees are specifically bred to grow indoors, the blooms self-pollinate to produce fruits. Now there are many dwarf citrus trees available that make growing lemons, limes and oranges as simple as caring for a houseplant.  The smaller types which top out at around 3-4 feet will have less of a root structure.

Most dwarf fruit trees do well in containers and plants can be grown in pots as small as 18 inches deep. As your tree grows larger, you can place  it on a decorative platform with casters to make it easier to around to move around.

Indoor Citrus Tree Care Tips

HUMIDITY: Use a room humidifier or simply mist the tree with tepid water (not warm and not cold) every other day or so. This increases humidity levels around the tree and provides the environment it needs to thrive.

TEMPERATURE:  A Temperature of 75 to 90 degrees F (24-32 degrees c) for spring and summer is ideal.  During fall and winter 60-70 degrees F (16-21 Degrees C).  Make sure temperature does not go below 45 Degrees F (7 degrees C) and avoid hot and cold drafts.

LIGHT: Bright - western or southern exposure is best. Supplement with artificial fluorescent grow light bulbs in the room where the orange trees will grow.

WATER: They will generally need to be watered twice a week. It is important to never let the tree dry out completely.

SOIL: Sterilized soil that is  well drained and rich in humus.  It should be light and airy , preferably with perlite mixed in it. Never use soil from the yard. Add soil up to the line on the stem of the tree where discoloration from the dirt used by the nursery ends. Make sure you leave enough space at the top of the pot to water thoroughly without washing dirt over the top.

POT:  Container should be at least 20" in diameter to provide adequate root space. There must also be holes in the bottom for drainage.

FERTILIZER: These plants require a high level of nitrogen fertilizer. They must be fertilized year around with a 18-6-6 nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium solution. The fertilizer solution should also contain micronutrients such as iron, zinc and manganese. Dwarf citrus trees grow best in full sun. Therefore, position them in front of a south facing window.

With proper care, these dwarf fruit trees will add a touch of exotic beauty and freshness  to your home along with wonderful fruit.