Hanging Houseplants Are  a Visual Delight

Hanging houseplants draw the eye up and make a visually delightful addition to your home. 

They adorn and brighten dull areas of your home with lush greenery and beautiful flowers in captivating colors.

With plants at this vantage point, you get all of the pleasure of seeing them at eye level. They not only add visual appeal with beauty and interest, but they add the health benefits of clean air and stress relief. 

Indoors: It is the perfect way to beautify your home interiors and fill empty corners.

Showcase all your trailing and cascading treasures such as the spider plant, Wandering Jew, philodendrons, golden pothos, ivy plants, and ferns.

Begonias make a great choice for hanging plants because they have both attractive foliage and blooms that spill over the sides.Plus, there is the advantage of keeping your plants out of the reach of children and pets.

Outdoors: On the porch or patio sun-loving plants like ivy geraniums, trailing snapdragons and petunias add grace and splendor with all of their beautiful varieties and colors.

Make Your Hangers Secure

Whether You hang your plants from the ceiling or on the wall, make sure the structure is solid and strong enough to provide proper support.

If you have plaster of gypsum board, you will have to drill a hole in it and insert a split-wing toggle bolt. 

If you have a wooden wall stud or a ceiling beam, you can drill a hole in it and insert a screw hook. 

If you have concrete or masonry, you will need to drill a hole using a masonry drill bit.  Then insert a plastic plug into the hole. The plastic plug will expand when the hook is screwed in, securing it in place. 

This is necessary for good support to avoid the distress of a splattered houseplant.

Decorate your plants by placing them in attractive moss baskets, or in beautiful ceramic pots. Esschert Design AC03 Ceramic Hanging Basket, Blue/White will give you a very pleasant view from the bottom.

How to Care for Hanging Houseplants

Light:  Plants need light for optimal growth. Hang them near windows to capture available light. Insufficient light may be supplemented with artificial light sources.

If plants are kept outside on a deck, porch, or patio. You can supplement them with solar hangers that slowly rotated the
plants for even lighting on all sides.

Watering:  Plants grown in hanging baskets dry out much faster and require more moisture than plants grown in regular pots. A self-watering pot should be used. Having a ladder for convenience and a long-neck watering can is good for watering your plants. Make sure the planter has an attached tray to catch the excess water drainage.

Potting Soil: Weight and dryness can be a factor with this type of planting; therefore, commercial mixes made without dirt are ideal.Organic Potting Mix by Perfect Plants for All Plant Types - 8qts for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Great for Veggies, Herbs, and Cannabis Plants

These light-weight growing mediums which contain both organic and inorganic matter are termed as artificial. They are enriched with fertilizer to add nutrients and trace elements. Some even contain  moisture control crystals in the soils to release water when the plant needs it.
Grooming: To keep plants looking their best, remove dead leaves and spent flowers. Inspect regularly for signs of pests and diseases. 

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