6 Easy Ways to Increase the Humidity for Your Indoor Plants

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air which plays a very important role in the growth and health of indoor plants. The air in the home should contain moisture levels between 50% and 60% to benefit most plants.

The amount of moisture in the air affects the health of houseplants because plants lose water through the pores in their leaves and stems.

During winter, rooms are usually overheated from forced-air-heat.

The drier the air, the more rapid the water loss--especially those with thin leaves.

The plant will wilt, the tips of the leaves will turn brown, and flowers will not develop properly.

Hygrometers are moisture measuring instruments that give direct readings of the indoor air. It is low when the air is dry, and most indoor plants need at least 25% or higher to survive. Cacti and succulents can exist with levels as low as 10%.

How to add moisture to the air:

Pebble Tray with Plants

1. Pebble Trays - Moisture can be added to the air when water evaporates from the pebble tray. Place the plants on a drainage tray filled with pebbles. Keep the tray filled with water, but never let it reach the bottom of the pot or the roots will rot from lack of air.

2. Humidity Trays - These trays make things simple and worry-free when it comes to improving the air for your indoor plants. They allow you to place your plants in the pot with drain holes on grids to the collect the overflow in the tray when you water. When the excess water evaporates, moisture is added to the air.

3. Mist Plants Daily - You can spray plants with a fine mist of warm water to increase the air moisture. Be careful not to spray African violets because their leaves will rot if kept wet. This should be done early in the day so that plants will be dry by night, lessening the chance of contracting diseases.

4. Group Plants - Plants help each other when you group them together because they give off moisture.

5. Humidifier - You can increase the air moisture by attaching the device to the heating or ventilating system in the home for the whole house or you can get a portable one just for a room.

6. Indoor Water Fountains-  Add moisture to the air with the soothing, relaxing sound of a cascading waterfall while adding  beauty and elegance to your decor.

We humans thrive better, too, when the air contains moisture.

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