Mothers Day Flowers Gift Plants for Continuous Beauty

Make Mothers Day flowers gift plants the gift that keeps on giving with potted flowering houseplants. It is the best way to express gratitude and thankfulness.

Rather than give her the short-lived arrangements that's discarded when the blooms dry up and fade, give her something that's going to last.

With a little care and proper placement, these gifts will delight her with brilliant bursts of color year after year.

Whether she's an attentive gardener or if she's a forgetful gardener that forgets to water, there are many types of gift plants that can easily adapt to her gardening skills.

Mothers Day Flowers Gift Plants That Last

African violets are among the easiest to grow flowering houseplants. They bloom year-round with little effort. Choose from hundreds of varieties and forms, some with variegated foliage or ruffled or white-edged blooms.

Keep them in warm conditions and filtered sunlight. Use room-temperature water and Avoid getting any on the fuzzy leaves. Cold water will cause  brown spots to appear on the leaves.

Peace lily is a very attractive easy-care plant that has showy spoon-shape white flowers. It tolerates low light and low humidity.  Blooming is heaviest in summer, but many varieties bloom throughout the year. The glossy green, lance-shape leaves are attractive even without blooms.

The Mophead Hydrangea with striking, large blooms of white, pink or blue blossoms are great because they last up to six weeks. They can be cut back when the blossoms fade and be transplant outdoors during the summer to rebloom. This plant loves water and humidity. With proper care, this plant can bloom from April through September.

White is the basic color; however, just by amending the PH of the soil to acid or alkaline, she can change the color of the flowers.  For blue flowers, she should add iron or aluminum sulfate to the soil. If she wants pink flowers, she should add lime or just place a red brick at the base of the plant. She can easily find these minerals at garden centers.

The Yellow Kalanchoe will definitely bring a smile to her face. Since this plant is a succulent, which holds water in the leaves, it is drought tolerant and the water requirements are low. They are more forgiving than other plants if you forget to water them.

The colorful daisy-like flowers bloom in upright, large clusters from 2 to 3 inches across and make a bold impact in any room as a decorative accent. This plant is well adapted to growing indoors and must be kept in bright light. She will be able to force your plant to produce bright, cheerful blooms at any time of year.

Geraniums are a great affordable choice for a present and they always brighten up the home. The flowers come in different colors including pink, white and red.

They can be planted in hanging baskets or potted in containers to decorate your front porch or patio. They will bloom all season and longer; however, you must take the plant indoors before the first frost.

Mothers Day flowers such as daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths add wonderful color. These gifts will last a long time because they can be planted outside. When the plant stops blooming and the foliage dies, she can transplant them to her garden in the early fall. When springs comes, she will be greeted by a rainbow of beautiful colors.

For an incredible low maintenance gift plant, give her a Cactus Flower Dish garden.  These Mothers Day flowers gift plants will continue to live for years to come with the proper care and handling. It is a fantastic way to express your thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful person.

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