Plant Stands Add Style

When it comes to plant stands, style and design are very important in order to make a good presentation.

Plants enhance our living space and add to the ambiance and beauty of the room. Therefore, the choice of stand is important.

They should be solidly constructed to support the plants and avoid tipping over.

There are a wide variety of materials such as wood, wicker wrought iron, metal and glass used to crafts stands, shelves, and carts to satisfy the desires of plant lovers. 

Types of Plant Stands

pole stand with spring tension rod

Pole Stands:  These poles are loaded with spring tension rods that adjust in height to fit most ceilings.  They can be placed anywhere in your home--great when you need extra space. They have adjustable arms that make a convenient display for hanging plants to keep out of the reach way of children and pets, as some plants may be toxic.

Pedestal Stands:  These plant stands are excellent for showcasing single   flowering plants and trailing plants that cascade down. They are made of solid wood are the most popular. They can be placed in empty or awkward corners to liven up the room. These stands are also great for displaying small plants like moth orchids and violets to make them more prominent.  Otherwise they seem invisible when crowded together with other plants.

Tiered Units: These units are ideal for showing flowering plants that look great grouped together. They have three (sometimes more) individual spots at varying heights for plants to be displayed.  This styles look great in a sunroom.  Crafted in wicker or bamboo, these stands make lovely holders for showcasing light weight plants likes African violets and ferns.

Corner Unit: This type of unit has a number of shelves to place plants on.  It resembles a "what-not" but with live plants instead.  It can fit into empty corners for a more complete look in kitchens and living rooms.  It looks great filled with herbs in the kitchen.

Trio Stands: Offer versatile ways for you to display your potted plants and more. It is composed of three individual tables of different heights and sizes that nest together.  Ideal for use as a stepped display for your plants or it may be used as an individual tables that can support large plants.

Tables are crafted with tubular steel with an exterior grade powder-coated finish that makes it suitable for outdoors as well.  Ornamental wrought iron arches make them unique as accent tables. Medium stands can double as a bench. They are also known as nesting stands.

The selections are truly limitless when it comes to displaying plants for that special effect to complement your decorating style.