Potting Bench:  Create a Neat Workstation for Your Indoor Houseplants

A potting bench is just what you need to keep your houseplants vibrant, healthy and happy.

With the tabletop work surface, all your potting, repotting, propagating, transplanting, and grooming tasks are made easier. Your bench can have built-in buckets, bins and potting tray for easy access to potting soil and flowers.

With features like shelves and built-in drawers you will be able keep your gardening tools,  fertilizers,  flower pots and other gardening supplies out of view.   By having shelves at the top and the bottom, you can have everything  at your fingertips; for example, a hook to keep tools like pruners, scissors, and a spindle for twine. 

Some even have sinks, making it more convenient for you to water and wash your plants. Plus, with an optional sliding bin for soil and trash, your space will be cleaner and clutter-free!!

Even if you have little or limited space in your home a well-organized work station will be just the thing to  keep your tools and plants.  Overall, your gardening chores will be more enjoyable.

3 Features Your Potting Bench Needs

1.  Easy-to-clean work surface to keep things neat and tidy.

2.  Built-in drawer must have small slats to allow soil to fall  through      for  easy  clean-up.

3.  Bottom shelf must have enough space to store large containers.

For indoor gardening activities, a workbench that is made of plastic would be practical. It is basically lightweight, durable and requires little maintenance.  In addition it has wheels on all four legs for easy maneuvering so you are free to move any time you want to. These benches are available in many colors and finishes.

Potting Bench

It is also ideal for other purposes such as a display cabinet in your patio or you can use it as a server for foods during an event in your house or in your garden.

When it comes to the design, there are many colors and materials to suit your personal style. Cedar is a very durable wood that is good for use outdoors because it can withstand all the different changes in the season. Cedar wood has an aroma that repels insects and it does not rot easily. As this wood ages it goes from a brownish red to a very attractive gray color.

You can also get these benches in pine which are available in various shades of color. You can also purchase paint or stain the wood to get a the precise hue you desire. In addition, you can get these benches in sturdy galvanized metal.

Whatever style potting bench you choose, whether it be Classic or Contemporary, you will find the functions to be ideal for all your gardening indoors or outdoors.

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