Sunroom:  A Tropical Retreat for You and Your Houseplants

A sunroom can be a winter haven for your delicate houseplants, especially the full-sun loving tropicals where natural sunlight and warmth play a vital role in their growth and development.

And for you, too, because of the added health benefits of Vitamin D, for strong bones.  You and your plants can spend all four seasons in the safe haven of a climate controlled environment. 

You can avoid the intense heat of summer and the frigid cold temperatures of winter.

The walls of these rooms are insulated with ceilings and windows that are made of highly insulated glass. 

The glass comes in double or triple layers filled with gas between the panes, all to give you a more enjoyable living experience.

4 Good Reasons to Have a Sunroom

1.  Start seeds to increase your plant collection.
2.  Grow herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes.
3.  Overwintering your outdoor potted houseplants.
4.  Expand your indoor living space and beat the winter blahs.

Sunroom with beautiful plants

Sunroom Yields a Comfortable Climate

A Heater or fireplace can be installed to provide heat for the winter and air conditioning for summer comfort. A ceiling fan in a sunroom can be used to provide the air circulation plants need. Since humidity is important for healthy plants, an indoor water fountain would be just the right thing to add humidity to the air with charm.

Skylights can be added if your roof solid. Skylights provide an extra amount of light and airiness. Mainly because they are opened directly to the sky, they allow nearly twice as much light to enter the room as regular windows.

Always take in Consideration the lighting needs for each plant because plants have different lighting needs.  Some might flourish in direct sunlight all day, others might need bright light without full sun, and some may prefer partial shade.

Cacti and succulents do well in full sun, but ferns will get their leaves scalded. And they will fall faster.  When you determine the light requirements then place plants accordingly around the room. You can reduce the heat and glare with bamboo shades or blinds to protect your plants.

You Can Build Your Own Tropical Room

You can purchase a sunroom kit and experience all of the comforts of having a great living space for you and your plants. They are easy to install.

Complete do-it-yourself kits come with everything you need ...roof, walls, windows, screens and a door!

You can purchase sun room kits from garden centers or building supply stores.  Complete do-it-yourself kits come with everything you need ...roof, walls, windows, screens and a door!

You can decorate and create a more inviting look by coordinating your plants and furniture. Wicker or rattan furniture is best with palms, ferns, and oleanders. This gives a natural tropical look to your room and makes a pleasant ambiance. The choice is yours!

Location, Location, Location

The location of your room is very important as this can greatly affect the temperature of the room which can impact life and health of your plants. and give you the best experience.

A northern exposure is good if you live in the south where heat is a factor, as this  area will receive a  lower level of sun and be partially shaded most of the day.

A southern exposure allows the most sunlight in, which is best if you live in the north. This can be a plus because it requires less heat.
An eastern exposure provides just enough sun in the morning to greet you and your plants, and it provides shade in the afternoon.

A western exposure gives off the harsh afternoon sun exposure. This location is best for watching the sunset.

Overall, you and your plants will get all the benefits of being outdoors but in the climate controlled comfort of indoors.

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