ZZ Plant Perfect for Homes and Offices

The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) also known as the Eternity plant is an exceptionally hardy plant that can survive with many months of neglect and low light. In spite of neglect, this amazing plant still looks stunning.

It is the perfect houseplant for those who are unsuccessful with plants. 

As the name Zamioculcas zamiifolia was long and difficult to say, it was shortened to ZZ. 

This beautiful plant has stems which develop in an elegant, wand-like shape that begins thick and bulbous at the base and narrows to form a point. It is a slow grower that can get as large as 3 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide.

Along the stem are thick, oval-formed leaves that make the plant look like artistic feathers.  

Between the sculptural characteristics of the plant and its sparkling, waxy covering, it is often mistaken to be artificial. As the whole plant seems to look like those made of plastic. 

This plant makes a perfect plant for a window-less office or lavatory where it will just get little measures of bright light. While ZZ plants can take direct light, you may see some scalding on the leaves in the event that it is left in direct light.

Also, twisting leaves, yellowing and inclining would all be able to be an indication of an excessive amount of light. When you see twisting of the leaves occurring, it normally implies the plant is attempting to move far from the light source. Move the plant to a shadier area or more remote far from the light source. You can likewise have a go at filtering the light with window curtains or blinds if moving the plant is not practical.

You will discover that growing and nurturing a This plant is really very easy and does not take a whole lot of pampering. Indeed, it will improve if you allow them to sit unbothered. The ZZ plant is adjusted to surviving dry spells, as they are almost most like cacti, needing less rather than more water. The sure way you can kill this plant is to over water it.  Water the plant only when the soil has dried out.

ZZ Plant Care Tips

Light:  The ZZ plant will suit an expansive range of light conditions, in any case it doesn't care for direct daylight found in South-facing window exposure. Early morning, or late evening sun is suitable; therefore, go for a North, East or West window exposure. Profound shade should likewise be stayed away from in the event that you need it for growth and development of the plant.  

Watering: Water the plant only when the soil has dried out. The main source of plant demise is overwatering. It will turn the leaves yellow before decaying the tubers rot away. Then again for beneficial and quick development the dirt should be moist for most of the time between late Spring to early Autumn/Fall.

Humidity:  Average room humidity is advised, If leaf tips turning brown: The cause is likely to be dry air and low humidity.

Fertilization:  You can feed the plants a balanced liquid fertilizer at half strength one to two times a year and only in the summer months. ZZ plants are do not need a lot of fertilizer.

Soil:  Use well draining potting mixes that contain a high amount of perlite or sand within the mix (you can add more perlite or sand if needed to a store-bought mix).  Drainage holes at the bottom of the pot is essential to prevent root rot.

Repotting:  Repot if necessary in Spring/Summer. 

Propagate:  Propagate by leaf cuttings.

Poisonous:  All parts of this plant are said to be toxic if ingested by children, cats and dogs.

Grooming:  Keep plant clean by showering away dust with tepid water and remove yellow leaves by gently pulling them away from the base of the leaf.

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